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PMU Brows

This is an innovative new approach to microblading known as ombré, shaded and powder brows. PMU Brows are created using a PMU device (which is a permanent makeup handheld tool much like a tattoo gun). Several semi-permanent make up effects can be achieved.  For example, the ombré powder brow is a permanent makeup technique designed to diffuse the drama of a tattooed eyebrow. It involves lighter shading in the front of the brow with gradual darkening towards the tails, which creates a super-natural result.

Shaded brows refers to a uniformly shaded brow,  and powder brows creates a grainier shaded effect. Combo brows refers to combining more than one technique such as microblading for hair strokes, and shaded brows in some areas of the brow. 

Exactly which technique is right for you will be determined at your consultation,  where Meryem will carefully consider what look you are hoping to achieve, and what will work best for your existing shape and lifestyle.  

Two sessions are typically required for optimum results.  Results last between 18-24 months before requiring a further top-up. 

Includes initial consultation, first session, 1 top-up session, aftercare advice and take home recovery balm. 

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